Adding a user account to multiple cloud hosts within a project


For some types of Openstack projects, it’s common to have a list of user accounts, that may or may not be external users, that need ssh access to a (large) number of hosts within that project. This document provides an outline approach as to how to approach this task.


Make sure you have root access to the systems, or at the very least, have a login to each system with sudo access. If you are using a ssh key pair to login (the preferred method within STFC), make sure you have your private key loaded on a ssh-agent and ensure that “Agent forwarding” feature is enabled. If this is a common task that you have to do, it is worth using the same “command and control” hosts in all of your operations for running scripts on the hosts within projects. Step 1 – Find the list of hosts within a project Find the project from: Openstack project list | grep –v 844e | grep –v rally …from there, you can list all of the virtual machines that are in a particular project:- Openstack server list –project “Rucio at RAL” This will return a list of hostnames and their IP addresses (and float IP addresses). You can make this just a list of IP addresses using something like:- openstack server list –project “Rucio at RAL” | awk -F| ‘{ print $5 }’ | grep ‘Internal’ | sed ‘s/^ Internal=//’ ….which just returns a list of the 172.16.x.y network IP addresses – there is no point in returning the 192.168.x.y IP addresses as you cannot directly ssh to these anyway, but any float IP addresses, you could append as needed. Output this to a file “all_IP_addresses.text”. Check login to each host, identify host and check which hosts have users enabled on them